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We have carefully designed and built 65 rooms and 4 types of accommodation to welcome our guests to relax with convenience throughout their stays. The rooms are built amid the scenery of beautiful coconuts farms and canal. Experience the local Thai ways of living at Damnoen Saduak Floating Market.

  • Deluxe Room

    Deluxe room is built in a modern style with a decorationin an own concept of MaikaewDamnoen. The rooms offer full facilities comparable to any five star hotels. The guest can enjoy a complimentary high speed internet connection, DVD player, minibar and other services of MaikaewDamnoen Resort at a very valuable and reasonable price.

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  • Damnoen Village

    Damnoen Village offers comfortable, privacy and relaxing staying. We invite you to get close to the canal. Each individual’s villais nested in a tropical garden creating a haven of peace and quietude. Every private villa also has balcony and sun desk of its own. Experience the local lifestyle atDamnoen Village and don’t forget to say hello to your neighbourhoods every morning!

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  • Coconut Village

    If you want to relax in style and comfort then visit the Coconut Village. The concept behind this architecturally designed Village is based on the design of a traditional Thai teak house: a large central recreational area surrounded by rooms of varying sizes. All rooms have pool views as the Village surrounds a large pool and entertainment area. There is extensive decking for sunbathing, talking, or, just lounging around with a drink after a hard days sightseeing. If you prefer a more sedate time, each of the rooms has its own sheltered porch where you can sit and relax and just watch the world go by.

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  • Traditional Thai Teak House

    The traditional Thai teak house is ideally adapted to its environment as the design of the high-pitched roof and its elevated height off the ground promotes air movement and circulation. To maintain authenticity and to keep them environmentally friendly the houses feature wooden windows (with insect screens) that, when open, allow for the natural flow or air. The open windows and breezeways, in combination with a large central terrace, provide ideal ventilation and offer relief from the hot and humid climate. Overhanging roof eaves provide shade and protect the house from both sun and rain. Rainwater quickly sluices off of the high pitched roof and is drained off of the terrace through the gaps in the wood. Just listening to the tropical rains booming down on your roof is a treat to be experienced.

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